Bingjie & Malcolm

Our Story

How We Met

The day she opened the office door to a disheveled grad student in a cycling shirt and a single knee-high pant leg was the start of what his supervisor might call an “a little bit too involved” training style.

But it wasn’t long before she was up to speed, and things would go back to normal. That is, until one afternoon they both forgot their lunch—a coincidence that turned into a regular excuse to get to know each other in one-hour chunks until they landed on a first date idea nerdy enough for the both of them—a sushi dinner and downtown showing of “Interstellar”.

They filled that summer learning about each other and their cultures, exploring the city of Seattle (especially the food), and going on out-of-town misadventures. One weekend, they trekked to Rainer to catch the Perseids only to find gondola rides to the top of the mountain had been sold out for months. Instead of turning around, they set up their tent in an unpaved lot at the base of the mountain next to a pile of wood and an Excavator, where they spent the night roasting marshmallows and experimenting with their camera’s aperture on the night sky.

Now, one of her favorite weekend activities is camping, and since they met some of his favorite foods are stinky tofu and friend Chinese donuts. In their marriage, they look forward to sharing more memories, weekend after weekend, day after day for the rest of their lives.